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Chhum Tamah

छुम तमह

Poet: Sh. Ved Prakash Kaw

Recited by: Sh. Ved Prakash Kaw

Devanagari Transliteration: Vishal Kachroo

English Translation: Sh. Ved Prakash Kaw


रोव वतन मॆ दिलुक करार 

रोव रिशतन हुंद अतह पतह 

लॉनिस खतह या ज़ॉलिमस 

गरॖ गछ़नुक छुम तमह

पॅंज़िनि डूर्यन पोश फ्वलहन 

तॆमि बहारुक छुम तमह 

क्याज़ि थोवनस दूर एमिनिश 

क्यह मॆ क्वरमुत ओस खतह

आसि ख्वशबय सॉरिसॖय 

दिल फ्वलह्येम अख दमह 

म्यॉन्य अरमान रॅव्य करहॅन 

तॆमि वखतुक छुम तमह

च़ॅनदरॖ गाशस रॊफ तॖ वनवुन 

सॊनद्रि नच़हॅन चावॖ सान 

नगमॖ तम्बलन लोलॖ बॉतव 

तॆमि शामुक छुम तमह 

पोशॖ ॲतरा तति आसिहे 

सोंतॖ वावुक छुम मॆ शोख 

पनपोंपर गथ करन तति 

कुकिलि बोज़ुन छुम तमह

शीन गलिथिय ज्वयॖ वसॖहॉन 

र्वनि वज़हॅन पां क्वलन 

यॆलि यॅमबॖरज़ल तति फॊलिहे 

छुम गोलाबन हुंद तमह 

यार ऑसिथ पछ़ फुटरॖन 

छुर्य लॉयनम दिल फ्वटुम 

ऎतॖबारस ज़खम दितिनम 

क्येंह ति वननस गोम मनह

दिलॖ जिगरस खून कॊरनम 

छ़्यतॖ कॅर्यनम तॆम्य शमह 

तापॖ तच़रन तन मॆ ज़ॉजनम 

क्याज़ि द्युतनम युथ सज़ह

कुन छु सॉहिब ब्यॊन वतॖ छस 

ज़िनदॖगी हुंद तस यखतियार 

पेयि पायस कर यि ज़ॉलिम 

वेद रोज़िहे तथ गवह

English Translation by Sh. Ved Prakash Kaw

Title: My yearnings

Lost my moorings and peace of mind

Lost my connect with my loved ones .

Was it my destiny or a marauder to blame

I yearn to be back to my home again.

Visualize pansies blooming in flower beds

Yearn for the spring scenic sights

Why was I deprived of this beauty around

Had I done any misdeed or any wrong.

I am longing for the floral fragrance there .

Would feel ecstatic with joy

and mirth

May my wishes to dance in abandon

waiting I am , for the tryst with the reality.

In the bright moonlit nights wish to hear wedding songs

When lasses would dance in ecstasy

Where love songs be lured by melodies

I yearn to be there in those charming nights.

I wish for the flower scented proximities

I yearn for the soothing Spring Breeze

When colourfull butterflies are fluttering around

I yearn for the songs of the Cuckoo around.

When Snow melts and rivulets flow down

When gurgling streams sound like anklets

When daffodils would be like flying fairies

Would like to be in the midst of Roses around.

A deceptive friend shattered my trust

Stabbed me in the back and broke my heart

He Injured my feelings of affection for him

Out of dejection I could not reveal it to anyone.

He maligned me and killed my feelings

Blowed off all the candles to creat darkness

The heat of the sun burned my skin and mind

Why did he punish me like the way he did.

God is there the only one , approach to him is manifold

He is the only life giver , and create life in various forms

When will the barbarian realize this truth

Ved would like to be witness for his change of heart.


Poem Composed by :

Ved Prakash Kaw

Dwarka , New Delhi .

Pen Name Ved


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