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Aalath Kashmiri Class
(वलिव हॆछव कॉशुर)

कॉशॖर ज़बान

(Kaeshir Zabaan)

Our Language, Our Pride!

Embark on an enchanting linguistic adventure with our specially curated Kashmiri Language class. Whether you're a curious kid eager to explore your heritage or an adult keen on connecting with your roots, our class will undoubtedly meet your goals. Aalath teaches Kashmiri through fun and modern teaching tools like Quizlets, Flashcards, Crosswords, Group games, etc. Classes are conducted via a Google Classroom with engaging online homework assignments. We believe student participation is crucial in any learning process, especially when learning a new language. As a result, we have made every attempt to keep the class curriculum diverse encouraging students to read, write and speak Kashmiri all throughout the course. The class will build a foundation for the Kashmiri Language using the Devanagari Koshur script. Class content is geared towards modern everyday-use Kashmiri, especially its use with modern tools like WhatsApp, Text Messaging and other Social Media apps. We see the Kashmiri language, not as a relic that holds keys to a mysterious past, but as a modern powerful tool to help our future generations connect and share their everyday experiences.


In Kashmiri we say "पनॖन्य ज़्यव गॅय पनिनी ज़्यव ❤️!" (Nothing beats the mother tongue). Being able to read and write Kashmiri opens up limitless possibilities on how we can express our creativity, create new literature or experience existing Kashmiri literature. It's no secret that a mere "नमसकार माहरा, वारय छिवॖ ?" (Namaskar Mahra, Varey Chev?) will get you into the heart and mind of any Kashmiri Pandit in the world. No introductions needed! 

Let the journey to discover your roots start today, Orzuv (ऒर-ज़ुव) and good luck!

Jan 2024

Class Full!

Open for

all ages

June 2024!

what to expect

  • Construct and speak basic Kashmiri words and everyday common sentences, including time, colors, relationships, fruits, animals, nature etc.

  • Recognize and Read Kashmiri Devanagari Alphabet (कॉशुर) and basic words.

  • Write basic words and simple sentences in Kashmiri Devanagari कॉशुर script. Build character stories in Kashmiri.

  • Video project in spoken and written Kashmiri कॉशुर.

  • Build a कॉशुर AI/ML model to recognize Kashmiri audio words (no prior coding experience required)

June 2024 Classes


Starts June 2024

8 sessions

All Ages

course fee*

(All 8 sessions combined)

Outside India: $100 (USD)*

India: Coming Soon!


Online Zoom Meeting

1 hour class weekly

tech SMART

Google Classroom


AI/ML Model

meet the team

Vishal Kachroo

Rhea Kachroo

Ritu Trakru

contact us

(925) 364-5135‬

* The funds generated from the class shall not be directed towards the Kashmiri Overseas Association. Instead, they shall be used to enhance the Aalath Language Learning platform and facilitate broader availability of Kashmiri classes via Aalath.

* If you are unable to pay the Course Fee, but would still like to join the course, please drop us a line at and we will be happy to waive the fee off.

Why Learn Kashmiri

My language, my identity

(ज़बान छॖ एकि कोमॖच प्रज़नथ)


Language of my ancestors
If not me, then who ?
If not now, then when ?

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